DAD - Decentralized advertising blockchain
empowering users

Built on Ontology - a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform.
Using Smart Contracts and Token Economy, DAD achieves data openness, transaction transparency and revenue sharing with users.
With improved ad quality and delivery efficiency, DAD aims at building a new generation of blockchain ad system and reshaping the ad industry as we know it today.


  • advertiser

  • middle layer




    Ad Networks


  • publisher

  • user



  • Advertisers

    Fake traffic & bot clicks. 56% of

    the ad budget lost to bots.

  • Publishers

    Poor-quality ads waste traffic

    and damage reputation.

  • Users

    Privacy leaks, poor experience,

    no incentives.


  • Efficient ad delivery algorithm

    Big data systems and AI algorithms boosted by user data sharing.

  • Powerful anti-fraud mechanism

    Mature data cleansing, fraud detection algorithms and highly optimized models.

  • Distributed ledger for transparency

    The decentralized nature of the blockchain eliminates the need for trusting a central organization

  • Data openness

    Integration of multiple data sources and authorized data sharing.

  • Digital identity and authorization

    Provides digital identity verification and information authorization.

  • Token Economy and Incentives

    The entire economy is centered around cryptocurrency tokens. All parties are incentives to make the network better.

  • Credit mechanism and distributed democracy

    Distributed de mocratic voting turns the user community into industry supervisors


  • DAD application layer

    Rich DApp ecosystem including advertising system, distribution system and business intelligence for commercial big data. Through optimized big data analysis and machine learning, DAD continously creates value for advertisers, users and distributors.

  • Application framework layer

    A variety of application layer components have been developed for advertising, faud detection and big data analysis. Developers can create high level DAPPs with the DAD SDK and API without worrying about the implementation of the underlying blockchain.

  • Core protocol layer

    A completely distributed trust framework designed for full transparency. Advertising becomes fraud-free and traceable.

  • Distributed ledger layer

    Decoupled design, compatible with multiple blockchains, using IPFS distributed file system to store massive amount of ad video and image data.

What's DAD