More about DAD

We will Reshaping the advertising ecology

DAD (Decentralized Advertising) as a new generation of digital advertising chain, has been actively applied to digital advertising since 2013. Today, it has a total of 500 million users, with tens of billions of daily ad displays in 194 countries and communities worldwide. We've provided services to 110K+ advertisers, including Baidu, Alibaba, Meitu, 360, Uber, Toutiao, Huobi, OKEx, and Cobo Wallet, etc. After years in the advertising industry, DAD has established a huge amount of precise user labels, customized AI algorithms, abundant ad scenarios, as well as special ad review and anti-scam algorithms.
In 2017, DAD has established strategic cooperation with Ontology and conducted in-depth reform in the advertising industry via the blockchain technology, and resolved problems that frequently occur in the traditional advertising industry, such as users not in control of their own private data, and ad data is not open and transparent, which manifests as fake traffic, privacy leaks, and trust issues. After applying the blockchain technology, users have total control of their private information and can decide what kind of ads they want to receive, thus reshaping advertising ecology.


Herman Pang

Master of institute of computer science, Chinese academy of sciences, worked at Microsoft Research Asia, head of Yoai big data platform, initiator of 10 million DAD spark plan. He has conducted deep research on blockchain technology and complex networks, and has unique insights in digital media content analysis.

Steven Wang

In charge of the CoinAdv, graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Physics EffectMobi co-founder, YeahMobi oversea marketing VP, Mundomedia APAC General Manager Blockchain industry expert. Deep understanding of both blockchain and ad industry.

Elon Xu

Bachelor of Computer Science, Peking University. He used to be the head of Huawei's terminal cloud storage, Sohu R&D Center (Sogou Technology) as well as the head of Sogou Music Product Quality Department. He has been working on the distributed systems for nearly ten years.

Jay Ding

He was graduated from University of Waterloo, majoring in Actuarial Science. He is a partner of New Margin Capital Shanghai. He has 8 years of experience in investment, project incubation and product management. He focuses on DAD ecosystem construction and business development.

Yogeshwar Khadikar

Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Computer Engineering Data Analytics Architect @ Stericycle , Web Development Lead @ Stericycle 8+ years of product / services development experience,experience on technologies as varied as core C,C++ development to Web 2.0 Web Application development, J2EE, .NET.

Michal Raczka

Application Developer University of Waterloo, Bachelor of Mathematics, Honours Computer Science - Co-operative Program Worked at RIM、Symcor as senior software engineer

Youchuan Huang

One of the early blockchain technology research scholars, having an in-depth research in large distributed systems, high performance area as well as blockchain privacy protection. He is also one of the core developers of the blockchain open source project-swiftchain.

Philip Zhang

Master of Science in Big Data Mining and Visualization, University of Liverpool. He has in-depth research on Internet big data mining, machine learning and complex network analysis.

Wen Luo

The former core engineer of SingTel. He is also a network security expert, engaged in encryption algorithms and information security for many years and has in-depth research in the development of distributed systems and blockchain technology, consensus mechanisms.

Bin Chen

He was once served as a software engineer in Tencent and has extensive experience in software development. He also has extensive experience in computer engineering, software system architecture and project management.

Hao Lan

He was once served as the core algorithm engineer of the Financial Business Department of the G7 R&D Center. He has extensive development experience in complex system modeling, blockchain finance, and pattern recognition.

Xiaoyan Shen

She has extensive background of finance, consultation and technology. She used to work on Wall Street for 5 years. After returning to China, she worked for some well-known companies, including KPMG and Bank of China.


Bryan Lee

Founding partner of NOC Ventures, CEO of NOC Consulting limited advisor of ADV. CMO of NIP (HONGKONG)limited, Senior manager of Baidu International.

Felix Lee

COO of Appcoach Head of BD & Operation, Head of User acquisition and Head of ES file manager product line at Baidu int'l

Eres Gross

CEO & Founder of VIIXO B.A Economics & Management, The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo MBA, Bar-Ilan University Yeahmobi M & A, Corporate Dev Advisor, SVP of Matomy Media Group, VP of Media at XTEND