Solutions for the advertising industry

The next generation of distributed advertising networks

The global advertising market has a value exceeding 300 billion dollars. However, it is monopolized by traffic giants, and user contribution is ignored in terms of revenue distribution. As a result, advertisers need to spend increasing amounts to look for potential customers, while users, with their privacy being infringed, are harassed by spam, and they don't have a choice on what kind of ads they watch, and they have to pay to turn off ads.
We believe that a decentralized advertising network can benefit us all by channeling global advertisers, traffic providers, and users. Users can directly benefit, and advertisers can achieve more lucrative revenue through a more precise ad delivery mechanism.


Fake traffic

Hard to monitor and trace the source

Agent information is not transparent

Users can't benefit as they should



  • Traffic and conversions are recorded on the blockchain.
  • Advertisers can monitor the performance at any time.
  • Unique anti-fraud algorithm to eliminate fake traffic. User side data, publisher data and platform collected data are combined for cross validation.
  • Utilize the big data processing system and artificial intelligence algorithm to charge advertisers and allocate the budget to the traffic providers and users.


  • Providing a perfect advertising check mechanism based on big data and AI algorithm.
  • Democratic voting system makes users become supervisors.
  • DAD Chain makes the transaction transparency to avoid the sales hidden by advertisers.
  • Based on smart contracts traffic platform will be paid automatically.


  • DAD chain will make users the leader in advertising ecology.
  • DAD smart contracts makes data as users' personal assets and the permissions are in users' hands.
  • Efficient AI algorithm precisely matches the advertising service.
  • Users can report the spam ads directly or give feedback based on the anti-cheating mechanism.
  • Users can get rewards by watching ads.


A NEW generation of high-performance advertising public chain
  • Distributed Trust Collaboration Modules.
  • Identity Verification.
  • DATA Distributed Data Management Protocol.
Consensus Algorithm
  • Consensus algorithm VBF based on the pseudo-random function (VRF).
  • TPS exceeds 5,000, and confirmation is made in 5-10 sec.
Advertising events tracking and verification
  • Track, verify, and store advertising events.
  • Provides billing criteria and backtracking through records and checkpoints of an event flow on the blockchain.